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TechniSat 45cm DIGIDISH + 1 x DIGIT S3 HD Satellite Receiver Kit

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Product description

This package, designed for two-party reception, is ideal for receiving digital programs including HDTV. It includes a powerful 45 cm DigiDish 45 digital satellite antenna and a digital-compatible universal twin LNB (for connecting 2 users). A high-quality HDTV DigitalSat receiver DIGIT S3 HD and the corresponding accessories are also directly on board - if necessary, the system can be expanded to two subscribers with another DigitalSat receiver.

Product features:

"SiehFern INFO" (SFI) (for German TV only)

With this free electronic program information service (ePID) TechniSat offers a current and detailed overview of numerous programs. The program preview extends over up to seven days, can be customized and is available at any time. Every timer can also be easily activated via SiehFern INFO - just press a button on the remote control.

ISIPRO (For German TV Channels Only)

The free program list manager from TechniSat saves tedious manual station searches. In the event of frequency changes or when programs are switched on and off, this service automatically updates the existing program list. This process is carried out if you have agreed to the update. Individual lists are retained and are adjusted if necessary.

TechniMatic (As long as the dish is pointed to Astra 1 @ 19.2 East

This free update service from TechniSat keeps the device software up to date. As soon as extensions or improvements to the operating software are available, a software update is carried out automatically at the specified time (adjustable in the device menu). This ensures a high degree of future security as well as a wider or improved range of functions.

AutoInstall (For dish pointed at Astra 19.2 East)

When the device is started up for the first time, some important settings must be made (in particular adjustments to the local conditions). The TechniSat installation wizard guides you through the easy-to-understand dialogs in clear steps so that the required configurations can be carried out quickly and easily. Your device is ready for use after a short time.


With TechniFamily, password-protected user profiles can be created. For each profile, individual access options and restrictions, such as for selected programs or daily TV times, as well as a maximum usage period can be defined. In this way, parents can adapt television behavior to the needs of children.


HDTV stands for high-definition television and thus for excellent picture quality. In HDTV, images can be displayed in much more detail and in much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colors more true to the original. In addition, the widescreen format of HDTV broadcasts is more in line with human viewing habits. Overall, a more vivid impression is achieved.


The device can be operated with 230 volts via the normal power supply as well as with 12 volts via the power supply. B. operate a motor vehicle and is therefore also suitable for mobile use (when camping etc.).

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

This device can be integrated into a home network. In this way, different multimedia devices can be networked with each other and controlled directly via UPnP / DLNA (e.g. PC, television, audio system, digital camera).


This receiver is compatible with all TechniRouter products. Supported SCR standards can be found in the technical data. SCR (Satellite Channel Routing) is a technology that uses a single-cable system to transmit a large number of satellite programs over a distinctive frequency to a specific receiving device.

2 participants

You can supply two receivers / TVs with TV and radio programs at the same time.

1 orbit position

With this receiver unit you can receive the programs of an orbit position, i.e. a very specific satellite. In UK, the antenna is usually aligned to ASTRA 28.2 ° East or Astra 1 19.2 East for German TV

Operation / comfort
Suitable for camping: Yes
TechniSat value-added services

Scope of delivery

1x DIGIDISH 45 (consisting of: High-performance aluminum DigitalSat antenna DIGIDISH 45, AZ / EL bracket, digital-compatible universal twin LNB (for connecting 2 participants), wall bracket, screws, tools, assembly instructions).
1x 10m connection cable
1x DigitalSat receiver DIGIT S3 HD (consisting of: DIGIT S3 HD, remote control including batteries, HDMI cable, power supply, operating instructions)

2 Year Included On Hardware Only