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TechniSat SKYRIDER Portable DOME Camping Satellite Dish With A Twin LNB

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Product description

Whether with a camper or caravan - more and more people are discovering their love for camping. Because it offers a perfect contrast program to the hectic everyday office life and the fast-moving digital world and leads back to nature. But with all love of nature - the "new" campers do not want to do without luxury and the usual television program. For them, the SKYRIDER Dome offers a perfect solution for TV reception on the go.

The SKYRIDER Dome is a mobile satellite antenna that is characterized by a compact design and easy installation. Once set up, the antenna - thanks to its electronic motor - automatically aligns itself at the push of a button. The SKYRIDER Dome will find the selected satellite within a maximum of three minutes, allowing you to receive the usual television program wherever you are camping (provided that the respective satellite can be reached). The four most common satellites are pre-programmed in the controller unit, which is ideally positioned in the mobile home or caravan. With future transponder changes, no manual adjustments to the antenna settings are necessary.

The SKYRIDER dome is optimally protected against damage and the influences of the weather thanks to the plastic hood and thus ensures interference-free reception despite its small dimensions. Thanks to the compact design and the light weight of only 4.7 kg, the satellite antenna can be set up anywhere and also easily dismantled. In addition, the antenna is supplied with power directly from the control unit, so that only one cable is required for the setup.

The SKYRIDER dome is available as a single as well as a twin version. The twin version is particularly suitable for larger mobile homes or caravans with two TV sets.


HDTV stands for high-definition television and thus for excellent picture quality. In HDTV, images can be displayed in much more detail and in much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colors more true to the original. In addition, the widescreen format of HDTV broadcasts is more in line with human viewing habits. Overall, a more vivid impression is achieved.


The device can be operated with 230 volts via the normal power supply as well as with 12 volts via the power supply. B. operate a motor vehicle and is therefore also suitable for mobile use (when camping etc.).

2 participants

You can supply a receiver / television with TV and radio programs.


Whether on the roof, the balcony or in the garden: DigitalSat antennas are exposed to the whole spectrum of weather conditions and have to assert themselves against wind, snow or rain. Our DigitalSat antennas of the SATMAN version are therefore made entirely of aluminum and powder-coated on both sides. This makes them stable, permanently weatherproof and absolutely rustproof.

Product information
EAN 4019588245808
Item No. 0245/1580
Weight (box) 7.3 kg
Weight (device) 4.7 kg
Device (WxHxD) 45.00 x 3.80 x 45.00 cm
Carton (WxHxD) 45.10 x 45.10 x 47.70 cm

LNB control

DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1
Low Band 9.75 GHz
High Band 10.6 GHz
Vertical 10.5 ~ 14.5 V
Horizontal 15.5 ~ 21 V

General characteristics

Material plastic

Output frequency range

Low Band 950 - 1950 MHz
High Band 1100-2150 MHz

Operation / comfort

Suitable for camping Yes

Input frequency range

Low Band 10.7 - 11.7 GHz
High Band 11.7 - 12.75 GHz

Suitable for

Number of participants 2
Number of orbit positions 4

Power supply

power consumption 170 mA
rated capacity 18 W.

Technical specifications

Outputs 2
F / D 00:23
G / T 9.7 dB / K
profit 31 dBi
Connection type F socket


Ambient temperature -30 ... 60 ° C

Scope of delivery

SKYRIDER dome, user manual, controller, remote control, 2 x SAT cable f-type, 12 volt adapter cable

2 Year Included